Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who Says Crime Doesn't Pay???

Geithner Apologize$ for Failing to Pay Taxe$

If you or I were found to have neglected to pay taxe$, we wouldn't be $itting before Congre$$ trying to $ell our$elve$ a$ worthy of holding a$ lofty a po$ition of public tru$t a$ Trea$ury $ecretary. Figure the odd$ of our offering a $imple "OOP$!" and getting anything $hort of a hefty fine and lengthy $tint behind bar$. But our newly elected pre$ident place$ his tru$t, and by a$$ociation, that of each and every hone$t, hard-working, tax paying American, in $omeone who'$ above the very law$ he'$ about to be $worn to uphold. $o, it's "Do a$ I $ay, not a$ I do" all over again.

If thi$ i$ yet another attempt of the occupant of the Oval Office to "Go Green," we'd all better watch out! Look$ like Mr. Pre$ident i$ $taffing hi$ henhou$e cabinet with $ome pretty $ly foxe$.

I$ thi$ what Barack-O meant by the long road ahead of u$ in getting our economy back on track?? Look$ like an obviou$ ca$e of the be$t rece$$ion our tax $$ can buy!! He didn't pay, but we certainly will!!

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