Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Three Strikes -- WE'RE Out!!

Sources: CNN's Gupta approached for surgeon general

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Hey, Moe!! Where does it end?? First, president-elect Barack--don't mention my middle name--Obama seems intent on taking his lack of experience to the streets, filling his cabinet from what appears to be a curious hodgepodge of the names of friends and cronies scrawled on bits of folded up paper drawn out of a White House version of the Harry Potter choosing hat. It wasn't all that surprising that he'd pick campaign arch-rival Hillary (former first lady and most recently Big Apple bureaucrat) to be his Secretary of State. Then, based on who knows what--maybe some back room political payback or maybe he lost a bet with Ted Kennedy over who bought the last round of drinks--he picks Leon Panetta to head the CIA. To top those two lulus, he dredges the liberal media and comes up with Sanjay Gupta, medical CORRESPONDENT, as the next Surgeon General.

Hillary will do for US foreign policy what Hitler did for Germany.
The CIA under Panetta will become the Clueless Idiots Association
And if Gupta's so hot, why's he have to hold down a part-time job at CNN??

'Nuff said.

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