Thursday, January 15, 2009

Decisions, Decisions!!

Next thing you know, he'll introduce unisex uniforms. Or worse, he'll encourace not only cross-dressing, but transgenderization. I can just see it now. The burly gung-ho combat soldier rolls over to his foxhole-mate in the dawn's early light and stretches, and asks, "Do you want to wear the skirt today, or shall I?" I, for one, am glad I'm retired from the military. And I didn't get out a moment too soon. Man, I'd hate to have to worry every time I went to take a shower whether I was being eyed as a target of "friendly fire." Looks like we're headed down the path of one day seeing our national colors going from red-white-&-blue to all the colors of the rainbow. The term "gay blade" will have soldiers thinking of anything but a bayonette, except as a means of self-defense, that is!

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