Thursday, January 29, 2009

Drunk with Power...on OUR Bar Tab!!

Yep...the honeymoon may be over, but the party's just getting started! And it's on YOUR DIME!! And it'll be paid for by fanta$y fund$: money you haven't even earned yet!! Better think again about having children, because they'll be born into a debt their grandchildren will inherit. But who cares?! Let's have another round! Ain't the beer cold??!! Bottoms up!! But stand by for the worst morning after the night before in the history of what's left of AMERICA.

Wanna know why BarackO is afraid of Rush Limgaugh?? Here's WHY!! He makes sense, tells the it like it is (i.e., the truth), and he's easy to understand. It is what it is, Mr. President! In God We Trust. You, on the other hand....not so much.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hitchhiker's Guide to The U.S. Auto Industry

Obama to Detroit: Drop Dead

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. True way back then; true today. Running amok nixing policies from previous administrations willy-nilly is a clear indication that this guy doesn't have a clue about what works and what's "broke" in this country. Even worse, kicking an industry when it's down is about as brilliant as daring a lame and ludicrous attempt to make nice by sucking up to our Axis of Evil type enemies and making our country look completely schizophrenic, spineless and shortsighted. Much more of this and to our citizens and the world our national identity will be defined by RED faces, WHITE flags and BLUE balls.

Oh, NO...not a remake of 'Black to the Future'??

Captain Obama ... Is It Time for a Black Comic Book Superhero?Oh, JOY! And I guess we can expect a resurgence of the Roots mini-series, and remakes and reruns of all the never-quite-ready-for-mainstream-America black comedy and drama series on TV. Yet another reason why I don't watch network TV. I wonder which color black will replace for our national colors...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Planting Terror on American Soil

Murtha Says He'd Take Guantanamo Prisoners in His District

Okay, now I'm REALLY angry! First, he mollycoddles our terrorist enemies and makes a mockery of the War on Terror. And in so doing, he insults the heroism and blessed memory of those brave, yet innocent, Americans who lost their lives attempting to preserve and defend our nation against an avowed amalgamation of America anihilators. NOW--in what must be a desperate cry for help of someone who's not only gone over the edge; but he's hellbent on taking this country down with him--he offers to bring the very evil sworn to destroy us ONTO AMERICAN SOIL. What is he thinking??? No, scratch that. It's obvious, he ISN'T thinking. He's living a nightmare, and we're all in it! Just because he's sleep-walking doesn't mean we have to follow him like the zombie that he is!!! WAKE UP, people!!

With only a minimum security prison in his district, ol' MM with open arms wants to welcome "resident evil" to fester among us, to feed off of our liberal entitlement system, get to know us and our vulnerabilities, and use the fruits of OUR freedom to fuel their fatal fanaticism and forge a future of fear and futility.

We've got to put a stop to this sort of lunacy while we still can!! The longer we wait, the more power we relenquish to those who want to wipe us off the face of the Earth. If we are the America our forefathers invisioned, we owe it to them, and to ourselves, to stand together AGAINST all enemies, foreign AND domestic, today, tomorrow and for all eternity. Our very existence is at stake here, folks. The least we can do is pray and ask that GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who Says Crime Doesn't Pay???

Geithner Apologize$ for Failing to Pay Taxe$

If you or I were found to have neglected to pay taxe$, we wouldn't be $itting before Congre$$ trying to $ell our$elve$ a$ worthy of holding a$ lofty a po$ition of public tru$t a$ Trea$ury $ecretary. Figure the odd$ of our offering a $imple "OOP$!" and getting anything $hort of a hefty fine and lengthy $tint behind bar$. But our newly elected pre$ident place$ his tru$t, and by a$$ociation, that of each and every hone$t, hard-working, tax paying American, in $omeone who'$ above the very law$ he'$ about to be $worn to uphold. $o, it's "Do a$ I $ay, not a$ I do" all over again.

If thi$ i$ yet another attempt of the occupant of the Oval Office to "Go Green," we'd all better watch out! Look$ like Mr. Pre$ident i$ $taffing hi$ henhou$e cabinet with $ome pretty $ly foxe$.

I$ thi$ what Barack-O meant by the long road ahead of u$ in getting our economy back on track?? Look$ like an obviou$ ca$e of the be$t rece$$ion our tax $$ can buy!! He didn't pay, but we certainly will!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Decisions, Decisions!!

Next thing you know, he'll introduce unisex uniforms. Or worse, he'll encourace not only cross-dressing, but transgenderization. I can just see it now. The burly gung-ho combat soldier rolls over to his foxhole-mate in the dawn's early light and stretches, and asks, "Do you want to wear the skirt today, or shall I?" I, for one, am glad I'm retired from the military. And I didn't get out a moment too soon. Man, I'd hate to have to worry every time I went to take a shower whether I was being eyed as a target of "friendly fire." Looks like we're headed down the path of one day seeing our national colors going from red-white-&-blue to all the colors of the rainbow. The term "gay blade" will have soldiers thinking of anything but a bayonette, except as a means of self-defense, that is!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Obama: We Are Going To Close GITMO

Okay, fine. THEN what??!! Where do you plan to put the most dangerous criminals on the face of the planet?? HUH??!! You gonna put 'em up in your 'hood, give 'em all green cards, let 'em vote (DEMOCRAT), get free health care, burrow down into our society and one day smack us in the back of the head when YOU'RE not looking??!! You gonna bring them onto AMERICAN soil, right where they want to be, so they can take your handouts and attack us with them??!! Or worse, do you plan to open the cell doors, throw away the keys, give each and every one of them a free ticket to freedom and show that we don't take terrorism seriously??!! How soon we forget 9/11. Well, if history is any indication, you better look out!! For all we know, 9/11 could be just another rehearsal to expose vulnerabilities we are too smug or ignorant or arrogant to recognize. Next time we just might end up standing in line at Wal-Mart to buy prayer rugs...

PROSECUTE BUSH ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS FOR "TORTURE"???!!! What do you call flying jumbo jets filled with INNOCENT AMERICANS into huge buildings filled with INNOCENT AMERICANS???!!! Thank you, Mr. about-to-become-President of the United States of America. It's things like this that ensure the citizens of our nation can sleep worry-free at night.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The "Peter Principle" Lives on

Obama: Recession May 'Linger'

Having risen to his highest level of incompetence with at least 4 years of longevity, little things like this ensure that, no matter how bad he screws up--and how bad we're caused to suffer--he warned us ahead of time, so he doesn't have to take either the blame or the responsibility for it. He can simply throw up his hands, shrug, and just keep humming along.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Three Strikes -- WE'RE Out!!

Sources: CNN's Gupta approached for surgeon general

Read the story at:


Hey, Moe!! Where does it end?? First, president-elect Barack--don't mention my middle name--Obama seems intent on taking his lack of experience to the streets, filling his cabinet from what appears to be a curious hodgepodge of the names of friends and cronies scrawled on bits of folded up paper drawn out of a White House version of the Harry Potter choosing hat. It wasn't all that surprising that he'd pick campaign arch-rival Hillary (former first lady and most recently Big Apple bureaucrat) to be his Secretary of State. Then, based on who knows what--maybe some back room political payback or maybe he lost a bet with Ted Kennedy over who bought the last round of drinks--he picks Leon Panetta to head the CIA. To top those two lulus, he dredges the liberal media and comes up with Sanjay Gupta, medical CORRESPONDENT, as the next Surgeon General.

Hillary will do for US foreign policy what Hitler did for Germany.
The CIA under Panetta will become the Clueless Idiots Association
And if Gupta's so hot, why's he have to hold down a part-time job at CNN??

'Nuff said.